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Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Germany prepares new law to need migrants to incorporate and learn language – or be deported

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maziere stated he is planning to execute a brand-new law that will require migrants to learn German and belong to society – or lose their long-term right of residency.

Many people in Germany have turned their backs to Chancellor Angela Merkel following her open-door refugee policy and turned towards the anti-immigrant party Alternative for Germany.

The Alternative for Germany party (AFD) has actually developed an anti immigration position over the previous year, the party has made huge gains in popularity since the refugee crisis hit the EU and the group powered into three state legislatures.


In Saxony-Anhalt, the AfD protected virtually 25 % of the vote, putting them in second location ahead of the left wing Social Democrats (SPD) and the severe left wing party actually called The Left (Die Linke).

Around one million migrants shown up in Germany last year, and around 100,000 more have actually arrived up until now this year.

Although Germany opened migrants with open arms, many residents are now angry at this response following migrant sex attacks.

Immigrants were responsible for the sex attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve when gangs of them robbed and molested numerous women.

In January, following the Cologne sex attacks, the German chancellor assured to give authorities more powers to crack down on migrants who commit crimes, consisting of deporting them.

Chancellor Merkel has actually performed a u-turn on her stance with Syrian and Iraqi refugees, stating that they will have to leave Germany when Islamic State (ISIS) has lastly been defeated.

Mr. de Maziere stated: “For those who choose not to learn German, for those who refuse to permit their family members to integrate – for example women or ladies – for those who decline job offers: for them, there cannot be an unlimited settlement license after three years.”.

The Interior Minister believes that there should be a link between successful integration and the consent to stay longer in Germany.

Speaking about the planned law, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel stated: “We need to not just support integration however demand it.”.

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